Christmas Decor Storage Ideas


December 16th, 2016

Trees, wreaths, lights, and other festive decorations enable you to transform your home into a winter wonderland. When the holiday season is over, you will need to remove the themed decorations that are displayed throughout your house. While this chore means the end of this year’s holiday season, properly storing your decorations means that everything will be ready for next year. The following Christmas decor storage ideas will help you protect and easily locate your decorations.



First, consider the fact that this is a great opportunity to declutter your house. As you put away your holiday decorations, sort through the items to identify things that you no longer need or want, so that you can donate or give them away. Throw away decorations that are damaged or no longer working and cannot be repaired.

Artificial Trees and Wreaths

Wrap your artificial tree and wreaths in drop cloths or shrink wrap to keep them from getting dirty. You can also wrap the tree with old belts. Cinching the tree will make it easier to move and store. Slip the hoop of the wreath over the neck of a coat hanger. Hang the wreath from a rod or clothing rack to keep it from being crushed. Some stores (like the Container Store, Target, and Walmart) also create special containers to hold artificial trees and wreaths.

Ornaments and Lights

Place breakable ornaments in eggs cartons or apple holders. Each slot in the carton or holder will provide the same protection for your ornaments as it does for the eggs or fruit. Before you place the lights in storage, check your strands of lights. Identifying and changing burned-out bulbs before storing the lights ensures that they will be ready next holiday season. Wrap the strand around a piece of cardboard to prevent it from becoming tangled. Write helpful information, such as where the lights are used, on the strip of cardboard. Store garlands in clear plastic water bottles to keep them from tangling with other ornaments.

Use Clear Containers

Place items in clear storage bins so you can readily identify the contents. You will not have to sort through numerous containers to find the decorations that you want when you need them. Place items in the box in the reverse order so that you can pull out the things that you need first. Do not overstuff the boxes, and use dividers whenever possible. This will help keep items from breaking. Label the top of each box with the item’s location, so that Santa’s helpers know where to take the boxes when it is time to assist you next year.

Use a Self-Storage Unit

A conveniently located storage unit provides a safe home for holiday decorations, especially fragile items. When properly boxed, decorations are protected until they are needed. Available in different sizes, the correct storage unit will provide enough room to easily store boxes without cramming them into a tight space. In addition, a climate-controlled unit can help protect fragile items and family heirlooms better than an unconditioned attic or basement.If you use clear plastic storage bins, as we recommended above, and organize your storage unit carefully using our Christmas decor storage ideas, it will be easy to locate your decorations next year.Planning to rent a storage unit? If you live near Springfield, Missouri, consider contacting Eastway Storage. We offer a variety of storage unit options including climate-controlled storage. Give us a call at 417-864-7867 to learn more, or click here to check out our sizing and pricing. We look forward to hearing from you!