How to Store a Couch in a Storage Unit


October 21st, 2015

Don’t be a couch potato! If you want to learn how to store a couch in a storage unit, you need to get moving. Storing a couch can be tricky, after all, due its large size and great value. You need to make sure that your furniture will remain clean and undamaged both during the move and while it is in storage. So whether you’re storing your couch in preparation for a big move or you’re putting it away until your daughter heads to college, use the tips below to ensure that the process goes smoothly.


First, you will need to find the right storage unit for the job. Look for a reputable and reliable company in a convenient location that offers excellent security features. Of course, you will also need to make sure that the unit is large enough to fit your couch. Don’t try to squeeze your couch into a slightly snug unit, and be sure that any protective coverings or lifting pallets will fit as well. In addition, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit, especially if you have a leather couch. This will ensure that the couch’s upholstery and wood are not damaged by extreme temperatures, moisture, or humidity.

Your couch is dirty. Don’t try to deny it, and don’t be ashamed! Any used couch is dirty due to the people (and pets, perhaps) that sit, lay, sleep, eat, and relax on it. Your couch is probably covered in dirt, debris, and bacteria. To maximize its life, clean it before storing it using a method that suits your couch’s structure and material. Depending on the type of upholstery, you may need to use a water-based cleaner, a solvent-based cleaner, or a leather cleaner. When you finally remove your couch from storage, you’ll be glad you took the time to clean it beforehand!

To avoid damage during transport and make your cumbersome furniture more manageable, disassemble the various pieces beforehand (if possible). Remove the legs, take off the cushions, and disassemble any other removable pieces. In addition, be sure to keep the hardware (screws, washers) and legs together so that they aren’t lost in the chaos of moving.

Finally, don’t just throw your couch into the storage unit. Place it on pallets or bricks to lift it off the floor, so that moisture, dust, and dirt can’t reach it. Do not stand it upright, as this will stress the frame and upholstery. Then, cover it with a sheet, drop cloth, or canvas for additional protection. Avoid plastic, which doesn’t breathe and will trap moisture and create condensation, potentially causing mold or mildew to form. In addition, don’t stack anything on top of your couch, as this could damage the upholstery in the long term.


Now that you’ve learned how to store a couch in a storage unit, call Eastway Storage if you live in the Springfield area. Our regular and climate-controlled storage units are the perfect place to store your couch, your love-seat, or any other furniture you have lying around. Give us a call at 417-864-7867 to get started, or click here to contact us online.