Marketing a Self-Storage Facility


July 18th, 2016

Many people have superfluous items lying around their homes. Whether they have accumulated these possessions at garage sales, after frequent shopping trips, or through family inheritances, they know that they want to keep their belongings. However, they simply don’t have the room for them. Fortunately, your company offers a service that addresses this need. In order to generate the highest amount of profits, you must know how to market toward these individuals. Marketing a self-storage facility can be tricky, so use the tips below for help.


Carefully Decide Where to Advertise

Where you place the advertisements for your self-storage facility matters. Try these three opportune spots:

  • Near Apartment Buildings: Most people using self-storage facilities are not owners of prodigious houses. Instead, they live in smaller homes with little storage space. Find a series of apartment buildings in your community, and market your services there.
  • Near College Campuses: College students are constantly moving. Some move away to attend college, some move for internships, and some simply move when their lease terminates. Advertise near college campuses to attract these young, on-the-move consumers.
  • Near Extended-Stay Hotels: People living in extended-stay hotels are often looking for permanent housing in the area. Some of them have left their belongings at a relative’s home, and others have crammed their items into a small hotel room. Your storage facility offers these people the opportunity to streamline their moving efforts.

List Important Information

While you do not want to cram your advertisements with words, providing information about security and safety at your facility is important. Some people are likely concerned that their belongings will be stolen from the facility, so you should briefly summarize the security features that are in place. Other people worry about their own safety when retrieving items from their storage units, especially when it’s dark outside. Let these concerned individuals know how they are protected on the grounds too.

In addition, many people will wonder how much this service is going to cost and for how long they may use it. Advertise your sales and restrictions. For example, you might have a deal where people pay a nominal amount for their first month of service, or you may require customers to sign up for a minimum of six months. A wall of text on your advertisements is likely to turn people away, but providing factual details about costs can motivate them to choose your service.

Take Advantage of Technology

These days, most people don’t flip through a phone book when looking for a company that will provide a particular service. So instead of investing heavily in paper flyers, phone book listings, and other old-fashioned forms of marketing, invest some time to create an online presence for your storage facility. Create a welcoming, well-organized website, and attract new customers through search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, be sure to advertise your business on social media websites like Facebook and Google+.


Marketing a self-storage facility is an art, because you must know where your customers live and what their current needs are. Once you can determine these factors, you have a better chance of earning their trust and gaining their business.

Finally, should you find yourself in need of extra storage space in southwest Missouri, Eastway Storage Center would be happy to accommodate your needs. We are proud to boast high-quality storage facilities, a helpful staff, and a convenient location just off Highway 65. Give us a call at 417-864-7867 or contact us online to learn more.