Should I Use a Storage Unit?


April 26th, 2016

Should I use a storage unit? Whether you’re dealing with a superabundance of belongings, a transitional period between houses, or a temporary move, renting a storage unit might be the perfect solution to your problems. However, it isn’t the right choice for every situation. To be sure that your decision to use a storage unit is both cost effective and objectively sensible, review the advice below.


Have you been wondering, “Should I use a storage unit?” Ask yourself the following questions to be sure you’re on the right path:Is your reasoning sound?First, to be sure you won’t be wasting your money, assess your reasons for wanting to rent a storage unit. For example, prudent justifications include the following:

  • You need to temporarily store your belongings (for a few months or years) while you go to college, take a short-term job offer, travel, wait for your lease to begin, etc.
  • You have seasonal belongings that you wish to store away from home to save space (holiday decorations, swimming gear, skiing equipment, etc).
  • You’re between homes. You may be living with a friend or family member, and although you can crash on their couch, it would be impractical and rude to bring all of your furniture and belongings with you.
  • Your business needs a place to store excess supplies, furniture, and other items that you don’t need at the present time.
  • You prefer a minimal and clutter-free home interior, but you can’t bear to donate or dispose of some important belongings.
  • You wish to protect an investment, such as an antique car, and you don’t have room at home.
  • You want to downsize your home, but you don’t want to downsize your stuff. Depending on the situation, renting a storage unit could help you save money.
  • You simply can’t fit all of your belongings in your home, but you don’t wish to get rid of them completely.

All of these are great reasons to rent a storage unit. If, on the other hand, you want a place to store old junk that you neither need nor want, consider donating your belongings instead. In that case, a storage unit would be a poor investment.

Can you afford a storage unit?

If you can’t pay the rent and refuse to keep up your end of the contract, you could lose everything you store in your storage unit. So assess your finances before renting a storage unit, and be sure that you can afford the monthly cost. Additionally, consider whether the cost is worth it to you. If you don’t have very much stuff to store, for example, a storage unit may not be worth the cost.

Would a storage unit be an appropriate place to store your belongings?

Some items don’t belong in storage units. If you were hoping to store food, odorous belongings, contraband, hazardous materials (ex: paint, gasoline, methane), livings things (ex: plants, animals), or things that can blow up (ex: fireworks, guns), you’ll need to find another solution. You also can’t operate a business out of your storage unit.


So what do you think? As long as you have a good reason to rent a storage unit and the money to do so, we encourage you to explore the possibilities.

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