Storage Tips for RV Living


January 18th, 2017

According to the most recent statistics, nearly nine million American households own recreational vehicles. As great as RVs can be, a typical Class A motorhome is a mere 96 inches wide. As such, savvy organization is the key to making RV life more pleasant. For help, use our top storage tips for RV living.


Stock Up on Wall-Mounted Racks

The easiest way to clear space without sacrificing the things that you need is installing vertical racks. Whether they’re wood, metal, or plastic, wall racks that aren’t more than four inches deep are a godsend for RV owners that desire a tidy domicile.

Move Storage Bins to the Ceiling

A typical RV has plenty of ceiling space that can be exploited to provide overhead storage in a pinch. Some RVs have dedicated mounts that can hold a lot of weight. If not, you can still create your own custom solutions by attaching bins to ceiling trim.

Use Hollow Spaces for Pull-Outs

Even the most cramped RVs have plenty of “dead space” that can be used for storage. That dead space is often found underneath seats. Buying pull-out drawer sets from Home Depot and installing a custom storage solution on your own doesn’t take much more than a power drill, a circular saw, and some cheap lumber.

Stow Non-Essentials on the Roof

A few waterproof storage containers strapped to the roof are a godsend for RV owners. As long as they’re aerodynamic, they won’t negatively affect the driving experience. Just be sure to test out your storage containers in rough weather to check for leaks before storing any sensitive materials in them.

Always Choose Modular Furniture

RV living just isn’t the same without some decent outdoor and indoor furniture. Folding chairs are easy to stack and store without much effort. In addition, Adirondack chairs that can be assembled with through-bolts and wingnuts make a lot of sense if you like entertaining on your temporary patio.

Cut Potential Laundry to a Minimum

When it comes to indoor and outdoor furniture, you should use waterproof cushions that don’t need to be washed. By doing so, you won’t have to move outdoor patio cushions indoors when the weather isn’t co-operating. Less laundry waiting to be washed results in more storage space.

Opt for a Paperless Lifestyle

You can save a ton of space when it comes to reading material by relying on digital devices like iPads and Amazon Kindles. A single tablet can store literally thousands of books, maps, and albums in a compact package while using very little energy.

Rent a Cheap Storage Unit Nearby

If you’re staying in one spot for more than a few weeks, renting a storage unit nearby that boasts 24/7 access is an easy decision. For a few bucks a month, you can rent a large space that’s perfect for stowing non-essential tools, furniture, and creature comforts. This is one of our top storage tips for RV living, because it efficiently reduces clutter without forcing you to get rid of anything.Are you interested in renting a storage unit? If you live in or near Springfield, Missouri, consider contacting Eastway Storage. We offer a variety of storage unit options including climate-controlled storage. Give us a call at 417-864-7867 to learn more, or click here to check out our sizing and pricing.