Storage Units for College Students


September 19th, 2016

If you’ve ever lived in a college dorm room, you may look back and ponder how you ever survived a semester in such a diminutive dwelling. And if you’re a first-year student who has yet to experience the joys of living on campus, you’re about to find out. Even if you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment off campus, you’re likely to have several roommates, so space will still be scarce. For these reasons and more, storage units for college students are a godsend.


New students who are moving away from home for the first time often take more than they need or have room for. Video game consoles, DVD collections, and 30 pairs of shoes often sit and collect dust while class projects, textbooks, and Halloween costumes pile up on top of them. To make matters worse, students usually change residences multiple times during their college careers, which leaves them searching for somewhere to store their stuff during holiday breaks and semesters abroad. Students have much more important things to worry about, like classes and grades, and having a comfortable space to both study and relax is imperative to academic success. Renting a storage unit near campus can give students the physical and mental room they need to prioritize their studies, live comfortably, and enjoy their college experience.


It’s impossible to stay organized when you’re playing a never-ending game of Tetris with your belongings. A storage unit can save students time by helping them keep what they need right now readily accessible and giving them a place to send things that they might require later. For example, everyone needs a heavy winter coat, but during the spring, a bulky coat can take up valuable closet space.

Having an off-campus closet (in the form of a storage unit) also gives students more space for furniture and decorations to make their room feel more like a home. Speaking of furniture, students sometimes spend hundreds of dollars in gas money hauling their belongings to their parents’ houses during long school breaks, so having an alternative place to stash futons and desks between moves can save money in the long run.


Make sure you find the perfect fit for your storage needs by following these tips:•

  • Start searching for units at least a month before school starts to ensure that you have time to find a suitable storage unit at a reputable facility.
  • Keep items such as clothing, books, and important documents in airtight containers to safeguard them from the elements.
  • Consider renting a climate-controlled unit to protect sensitive belongings from humidity, heat, the cold, etc.
  • Review your facility’s security measures to be sure your belongings will be safe.
  • Make sure you have enough money to cover the upfront security deposit and the monthly storage fee. If you’re moving your things in during the middle of a billing period, ask for prorated rent.
  • Check to see if the unit is accessible at all hours or at least times that are convenient for you.
  • Know what happens to your stuff if you can’t make your monthly payment on time, and find out if there are additional late fees.
  • Ask if there are restrictions on what types of items may be stored. Do not keep anything illegal, perishable, or combustible in your unit.
  • Always ask if the storage unit facility offers a student discount!

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