The Self Storage Association: What Does it Do?


December 9th, 2015

Did you know that the self storage industry has its own non-profit association? Now you do! But just what is it there for? Founded in 1975, the Self Storage Association aids self storage facilities in running their businesses and represents them before Congress and other governmental institutions. It’s a quickly growing field, so having an umbrella organization for the industry is necessary! Here’s some of what the Self Storage Association (or SSA) does . . .


Educates and trains its members. You’d be surprised by how much there is to learn about the self storage industry! To make sure facility owners and staff are well-educated, the SSA provides a number of learning opportunities to its members. Employees can take online classes pertinent to their field, and can watch and participate in monthly webcasts to keep current in their education. Managers have the chance to complete the SSA Manager Certification Program where they learn how to make their facility the best it can be. Renting a unit from an SSA-affiliated storage facility means the company’s manager and employees really know their stuff.

Invests in education.
For the kids and grandchildren of SSA-affiliated companies, there is the SSA Scholarship Fund Program. The programs provides $2,500 to $5,000 worth of funds for post-secondary students’ tuition and other fees. When renters support a facility affiliated with the Self Storage Association, they’re helping support this service.Hosts conferences and trade shows. In addition to basic education, the Self Storage Association also offers their members the opportunity to attend special conferences, trade shows, and other events. Here, business owners get to see the latest and greatest services and products the industry has on the market. They also get to network with other facility owners, sharing and improving upon their ideas for bettering customer experience. This means that these companies get to provide their renters with the newest and best of what the self storage industry offers.

Offers legal services. Let’s face it: legal jargon can be very difficult to navigate. When storage facilities are a part of the SSA, they have access to the Self Storage Legal Network and a bimonthly publication, the Self Storage Legal Review. Both provide legal resources that help the owners run their companies. The network also has its own attorneys that can answer facility owners’ questions quickly and accurately. This is another example of an SSA service that benefits both business owners and their customers—the companies stay educated and up-to-date on storage facility legal issues, protecting their renters.


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