When to Rent A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit


December 31st, 2015

If you’re looking to rent a storage unit for your belongings, you’ve probably heard the term “climate-controlled” storage. But what exactly is it? Do you need one of these units, and why? This type of storage is more expensive than traditional self-storage, so some renters shy away at the higher price. But climate control is necessary for many items to retain their worth. Read on to find out when to rent a climate-controlled storage unit and how it will keep your stored items safe!


“What does climate-controlled storage do?”

Whether it’s freezing or super-hot temperatures, harsh weather can really take a toll on your belongings. Climate control in a storage unit keeps the weather milder using the facility’s HVAC system. Most  facilities aim for between 40 and 90 degrees to ensure temperatures aren’t too extreme. Climate control also helps keep the humidity stable, usually around 50%-65%. This ensures that your items retain their value—monetary and sentimental.

Items that require climate-controlled storage:

  • Artwork. Hot weather and humidity can easily ruin artwork; cold temperatures can cause paint to chip and crack.
  • Collections. Collectible items like stamps, wine, or comics are subject to ruin as well in harsh weather. Hot weather causes paper to curl and discolor, and fluctuating temperatures will do a number on a fine wine.
  • Anything wooden. Humidity can warp wood. This goes for furniture, musical instruments, and other special items.
  • Anything leather. Moisture can create mildew on leather items, and the material is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations.
  • Photos. The one thing you can’t replace! Harsh weather can ruin your photos by discoloring them or, if they’re facing each other, making them stick together.
  • Fabrics. Whether it’s a wedding dress or your upholstered sofa, your belongings with fabric need climate-controlled storage, too. Too much humidity can create mold and mildew on these items.
  • Important paperwork. Like photos or collectible comics, extremely hot or humid weather can cause the paper to discolor or warp.

“So, when do I get a climate-controlled unit?”

Storing any of the above items? Consider the climate in your town, as well as when and how long you’ll be storing said belongings. If, say, you’re storing your furniture for only a month while you renovate your home, and it’s during a consistently mild season, you may not have to shell out the extra money for a climate-controlled unit. But if you live in an area with harsher seasons (cold, hot, humid, or all three), and you’re going to be storing the items for a longer period of time, you will definitely want to go with climate control.


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