Where to Buy Storage Shelves & Boxes


November 20th, 2015

Depending on what sort of person you are and whether or not you enjoy organization, you will find the process of purchasing storage solutions incredibly dull or wonderfully satisfying. Either way, we’re here to help! Effective organization will ensure that (1) you take advantage of your storage unit’s full space, (2) your belongings remain safe and secure, and (3) you can easily access your belongings. If you aren’t sure where to buy storage shelves and boxes, check out the resources below.


Like several of the stores below, Target seems to have it all! Clothes, food, toiletries, home decor, electronics, and (of course) storage solutions. For a storage unit, you may want to check out their plastic bins and sturdy shelves. You can currently get a 72-quart plastic bin for just $7.19 or a 6-quart clear tote for only $0.78! Check the weekly ad for deals and use the Cartwheel app for additional savings.

Depending on where you’re located, you might find a trip to Walmart more convenient than a trip to Target. Like Target, this massive superstore offers a wide variety of boxes, bins, and shelving units. For example, you might be interested in a 48″ x 24″ x 72″ 5-shelf steel shelving unit for only $62.00 or a 5-tier wire shelving rack for only $46.42. If you’re lucky, your preferred product will come with a rollback (i.e., Walmart’s version of a discount) as well.

With sleek Swedish style, IKEA offers storage solutions that are both attractive and affordable. Although many of their products are meant for indoor use, you can find a variety of great shelves and boxes for use in storage units and garages. For example, the Hyllis shelving unit is currently on sale for just $14.99 and the Samla clear plastic box is only $4.49. Bonus: each product comes with a fun Swedish name!

The Container Store
A haven for those of us who love home organization, the Container Store is an ideal place to search for boxes and shelving. Check out these clear watertight totes, which are available in several sizes: 19 quarts, 30.6 quarts, 41.2 quarts, 46.6 quarts, 63 quarts, and 74 quarts. The totes have a secure lid that attaches with two latches, preventing the infiltration of moisture, dirt, and pests. If you need a larger vessel, check out their storage trunks, some of which contain wheels for easy maneuvering.

With Amazon.com, you can buy whatever you need from the comfort of your couch! You’ll have to sort through a great variety of products, but the wealth of reviews and easy shipping will be much appreciated. You might like this 4-shelf Sterilite unit for $39.79 or this pack of two 6-quart Sterilite storage boxes for $7.82. If you spend over $35 or have an Amazon Prime membership, shipping is free!

Home Depot
Finally, if you need heavy-duty storage equipment, you know that you can count on Home Depot. In addition to their many plastic bins and totes, they offer many commercial shelving units. Consider the 48″ x 72″ x 18″ decorative wire chrome shelving unit for $89.97 or the 5-shelf steel commercial shelving unit for $79.97. You can depend on these sturdy shelves to last for decades to come.


Now that you know where to buy your storage equipment, it’s time to start filling up a storage unit! If you’re planning to rent a storage unit and you live near Springfield, Missouri, consider contacting Eastway Storage. We offer a variety of storage unit options including climate-controlled storage. Give us a call at 417-864-7867 to learn more, or click here to check out our sizing and pricing. We look forward to hearing from you!