boat storage Springfield MO

At Eastway Storage Center, we offer boat storage unit sizes that range up to 12’x30′, which would accommodate most larger boats while still offering the convenience of allowing you to keep your boat on a trailer. We also offer large, paved aisles that will make it easy for you to navigate around the storage units – even with a truck and trailer. Access to your boat is very easy, and it is kept safe and secure at all times when it is not in your possession. Eastway has video surveillance, security fencing, and a gated entry to make sure that your boat is secure within our facility.

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How to Store Your Boat

It’s a great thing to own a boat -your own private oasis on the water, feeling the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face. But what do you do with the boat when the sun is no longer shining and the cool breeze has turned to icy chills? You could leave it on your front lawn covered with a tarp to the chagrin of your wife and neighbors or maybe you should think of another alternative to keep from hearing those nagging complaints about the eye sore in your yard. A storage unit is a great solution for this problem! Not only will it keep your yard looking clean and give yourself more room in the driveway, but you will also have a place to keep your boat. Now you know it will be safe, secure, and ready to go when the summer months come back around.

There are many options for boat storage. The easiest and cheapest way to store a boat is to keep it on a trailer.  That way you can hook it up at any time you have that desire to go out on the water. With a storage unit, you can keep it on this trailer and put the whole thing in one unit to be kept until summer. If you need to check on your boat at any time throughout the winter, you will have access to go into your boat storage unit and get what you want or take the boat home to do repairs.  You may even want to take it out for a spin on the water on one of the warmer winter days!

In short, storing your boat in a storage unit can offer you the benefit of keeping your boat on the trailer so that you can take it out anytime, keeping it in a safe, secure place when you’re not using it.  With the boat storage services offered at Eastway Storage Center, you aren’t tied down to one lake like you would be by using a marina, and you will also have the benefit of easy access to your boat at any time you want to take her out on the water.

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