Climate Controlled Storage Springfield MO

Have you ever stored something in your basement and later find it smelling musty or maybe it’s curled from being too close the furnace or the window? The ideal climate conditions are a rare occurrence in the naturally diverse weather patterns of our area.

When deciding where to store your property, there are few things to consider before you go with the climate controlled storage center that is closest to you. A great alternative to regular storage is climate controlled storage. What’s the difference? In a regular storage facility, it’s kind of like putting your furniture or valuables in the back of a parked U-Haul and leaving them to smolder in the heat or cold. What goes on outside of the storage facility is likely to be going on inside of the facility, with the exception of precipitation (hopefully). With climate controlled storage, the temperature inside the storage unit is regulated and the humidity is controlled. Facilities aim to keep the temperature between 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 40 degrees in the winter. The humidity is kept below 65% at all times of the year.

Having the climate controlled inside of your storage unit can prevent damage to your furniture, electronics, artwork, fabrics, and whatever else you store. Extremely high and low temperatures, along with humidity, are the top factors that bring damage to items kept in storage. Also, bacteria, mold, spores, fungus, and pathogens are far more likely to get into your climate controlled storage unit if you’ve chosen a regular unit over one that is climate controlled.

Eastway Storage Center offers climate controlled storage units at a very reasonable price. The added expense over a regular unit is a small price to pay to keep your property in great shape. It would be incredibly disappointing to go back to your valuables, furniture, and other property in your storage unit only to find that it is overcome with mold, warped by heat, or disintegrated from bacteria or termites. In the long run, renting a climate controlled storage unit is a lot less expensive than having to replace property damaged in a regular storage unit.

Climate Controlled StorageBecause climate controlled storage units are made to keep your items protected, you can store more things such as documents, microfilm, tapes, sonogram recordings, electronic devices, art, fabric and other sensitive material that you may not have thought possible to keep in storage units.  You no longer have to disqualify items sensitive to temperature and humidity.

Although climate controlled storage will cost a bit more than having a regular storage unit, you will value it. The climate control will keep your items better protected than any regular storage unit could, and you will be able to store several other types of things in a climate controlled unit than you ever could in a regular unit. The benefits of a climate controlled storage unit are worth that added cost.

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