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RV Storage

Having an RV certainly adds to the joys of life. Being able to leave when you want to see the great outdoors and not having to worry about setting up tents in the rain or public restrooms at the campground are just a couple of benefits to owning your own Recreational Vehicle.  The only problem is the size of these vehicles and the question of where to keep them when you’re not on that great adventure. Believe it or not, there are places for RV storage other than having to park it in your own backyard.

Here are three options for RV storage. They can be stored in a commercial lot, a covered lot, or in a RV storage unit. An RV storage unit is the best option for RV storage because it offers the most benefits and the least risks at an affordable cost.

One downside of using a commercial lot is that anyone could come up to your RV and cause damage.  Fences are easily cleared and even others who are getting their own RVs might accidentally damage yours in the process. Also, these lots are not usually covered and your vehicle would be left to the elements, falling victim to storm and hail damage.

The downsides of using a covered lot are also vandalism and accidental damage. If someone wanted to come to vandalize your RV, they would be able to gain access during the day hours, or by jumping the fence at night. Also, if an RV were to crash into your storage space, there is nothing to protect your vehicle.

The best option for your RV storage needs is to get an enclosed storage unit. If you were storing other items such as a boat or furniture, you could keep your RV in the same facility so that all of your property is in one place. Having an RV storage unit would keep it enclosed and away from anything that could damage it. All storage units are locked and the only person who can access your property is you.

RV StorageStorage units are the best option for RV storage because they can keep your RV safe from storm damage, vandalism, and lot accidents. Also, they are easily accessible and do not require a high price for all of the benefits they offer. Eastway Storage Center offers large paved aisles around our storage units, making it very easy to navigate the facility. The width of the aisles allow room for vehicles, boats, and RVs to have access to each of the storage units and takes away the stress that usually comes with having to find your way around the narrow gravel roads that most storage facilities have. Eastway Storage Centers offers many large units going all the way up to a 12×30 to accommodate even the largest Recreational Vehicles. Pricing on RV storage units at Eastway Storage is very competitive, especially for all the benefits we have, including video surveillance, gated entry, and security fencing.

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