Christmas Decor Storage Ideas

Trees, wreaths, lights, and other festive decorations enable you to transform your home into a winter wonderland. When the holiday season is over, you will need to remove the themed decorations that are displayed throughout your house. While this chore means the end of this year’s holiday season, properly storing your decorations means that everything will be ready for next year. The following Christmas decor storage ideas will help you protect and easily locate your decorations. Continue reading

How to Stay Organized When Moving

Moving can be incredibly chaotic. If you aren’t careful, you could find yourself surrounded by piles of unlabeled boxes, broken glassware, and misplaced belongings. Stuffing everything in boxes shouldn’t take too long, but what about when you begin unpacking? If you don’t take a little time to “shape up” before you ship out, you will undoubtedly end up stressed and overwhelmed. Use the tips below to learn how to stay organized when moving.
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How to Thank Friends for Moving Help

What would you do without your best friends? When you’re having a bad day, they can cheer you up. When you achieve something great, they’re ready to celebrate with you. And when everything falls apart, they help you pick up the pieces. Since moving can be incredibly stressful and tiring, it makes sense that we turn to our friends for assistance with carrying all those heavy boxes and furniture. Although your friends are likely happy to help, be a good friend and show your gratitude. Use the tips below if you’re wondering how to thank friends for moving help.
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Storage Units for College Students

If you’ve ever lived in a college dorm room, you may look back and ponder how you ever survived a semester in such a diminutive dwelling. And if you’re a first-year student who has yet to experience the joys of living on campus, you’re about to find out. Even if you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment off campus, you’re likely to have several roommates, so space will still be scarce. For these reasons and more, storage units for college students are a godsend.
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Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

Moving furniture is certainly no picnic. You might scratch your wood floors, tear your carpet, dent your furniture, rip your upholstery, or even throw out your back! So many catastrophes can quickly occur during any transportation of large objects. However, when armed with some quick tips for moving heavy furniture, you can successfully prevent damage to yourself, your moving team, and your prized possessions.

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Self Storage Association Events

Founded in 1975, the Self Storage Association is the official trade organization and voice of the United States and international self storage industry. Its mission is to promote the highest standards of professionalism, conduct, honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices in the self storage field. One of the main ways that they promote this mission is through Self Storage Association events, which take place both nationally and on individual state levels. The following is a summary of some upcoming events. Continue reading

Marketing a Self-Storage Facility

Many people have superfluous items lying around their homes. Whether they have accumulated these possessions at garage sales, after frequent shopping trips, or through family inheritances, they know that they want to keep their belongings. However, they simply don’t have the room for them. Fortunately, your company offers a service that addresses this need. In order to generate the highest amount of profits, you must know how to market toward these individuals. Marketing a self-storage facility can be tricky, so use the tips below for help.
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Storage Facility Industry Trends

As we age, we tend to amass more and more stuff: everyday purchases, household essentials, gifts, fads, indulgences, spur-of-the-moment buys . . . Unless you invest time each year to donating or selling your unused and unwanted belongings, you probably have more things than you need. Because most adults, whether rich or poor, need extra storage space, the self-storage industry remains strong. And although the industry is unlikely to experience dramatic change due to its simple function, we encourage you to keep an eye out for the following storage facility industry trends.
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How to Store Electronics in a Storage Unit

Electronics facilitate our daily lives in numerous ways. For example, only a few hours into this Friday morning, a cell phone has woken me up on time, a TV has provided me with live news and weather reports, and a laptop is allowing me to write this very blog post! So if you need to temporarily store electronics, it is important that you protect them by preparing them properly and selecting a first-rate, short-term home. Use the tips below to learn how to store electronics in a storage unit.
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